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Want To Make Ur Own Website?? 

The good news is that it's now easier than ever to make ur own website. Once upon a time you might have had to pay an expensive web designer to create a half-decent site for you, or spend ages learning to use complicated tools. Not any more! These days tools are available that are easy to use, cheap or even free and can get you producing your own professional looking website really quickly. So whether you want to make ur own website for your business or your band, to discuss your hobbies or your political interests, or just to share your family and holiday photos, you can get started building your own website today!

Here's what you don't need:

  • You don't need great graphical design skills
  • You don't need to learn loads of complicated technologies like HTML, JavaScript, PHP and XML
  • You don't need to spend a lot of money on high-end tools or professional designers

Overall, you don't need to be a technical wiz to do this. If you can cope with browsing the Internet and writing documents in a word processor like Microsoft Word then you can easily make ur own website.

And we're going to show you how with the...

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Here are some of the things that you'll learn on the course:

  • How to plan and organise your website
  • All about web hosting
  • The main methods of creating a website
  • How to quickly create a professional looking website with online website building software
  • How to create a blog website with Wordpress
  • Using desktop software to create more advanced websites
  • Writing great content for your website
  • Using images and multimedia effectively in your website
  • Adding Web 2.0 functionality to your website

... and much much more!

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